Hi friends! 

I’m Alejandra and I was born and raised in Colombia.

I came to New York City years back  to complete fashion business studies and years later created HUNCH moved by dreams, happiness, kindness, freedom, fun and colors, those are the values that inspire everything I do.

My creativity and ideas come from  so many different  things, it’s  a mixture of nature, New York City, traveling, road trips, art, music, books, vintage stuff but also great ideas come to me out of a thought I had in the shower, as simple as that. I often design for myself and friends and then later I offer those designs to everyone.

When it comes to creating pieces, I take the utmost care in handpicking and curating every bead, rock, pearl, and gemstone that goes into each item from my office/studio in New York City.  My hope is our pieces help bring out your inner confidence when you wear them!

At HUNCH, our mission is to create a community where you can have fun, embrace your instincts, and let your confidence shine.

Thank you so much for being here and supporting this dream of mine.

I welcome you to the Hunch universe!

**Always trust your instincts and act on that HUNCH**